Uberstable 4.5ghzX12 +24gbDDR3+Raid0SSD2+CrossfireATI for sale

Complete system. Overclocked and stable for 12 months @ 4.51ghz. Capable of over 5ghz with ram swap (3x4gbddr3 OC 1800+). Cased in Antec Lanboy (blue). 33c idle, 54c heavy usage, 63c 100%. Cooled /w Corsair H100, extra fans, Kingston Hyper X ddr cooler. Ambient temp. stays ~40c.
i7980x EE (6 cores 12 threads base 3.33ghz) @ 4.51ghz
24GB ddr3 1600 Kingston HyperX
Raid0 Corsair Agility 3 SATA3 6.0gb/s (runs at 6.0gb/s) 120gb
Crossfire Sapphire ATI Radeon 6970 2GB DDR5 OC 900mhz/1400mhz.
1200 watt Corsair PSU.
Rampage III Extreme ROG edition

Battlefield 3 in 3D Ultra settings 120 FPS v synced (requires 120hz monitor)

Not all that loud. Compact assembly, optimally wired interior.

For sale. This computer is used, less than a year old. It is an awesome gaming rig, but I am in the need of a real server at this time in my business. I am willing to give the buyer an overclocking tutorial for this PC if new owner wishes to push it over 5 GHZ.
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  1. Needs a price and some pictures. :)
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