Socket 370 chipsets that support 512 meg modules?

Client just brought in a rig that has an older ECS P6BAP-A+ mobo and has a 512 meg memory module and the problem is this thing only supports up to 128 megs in each slot,I told him it would be cheaper to just buy a newer mobo instead of putting in 3 128 meg modules since sdram is so expensive now,BUT I need a mobo that will recognize 512 megs in 1 slot.I dont know too much about Intel chipsets so can anyone help out?thx
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  1. The i815 based motherobards will. Don't know about VIA based, but I would think the later ones will. The intel chipset is faster 'tho.

    The P6BAP-A+ is AP133 based so it should take low density 256mb modules.

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  2. An Idea if you have 512MB PC133 Memory:

    Have you or your client considered something like a K7S5A Pro and an Athlon (or Duron) processor. That mobo supports
    both PC133 SDRAM and DDR SDRAM (not both at the same time).
    Both are relatively inexpensive. I'm sure that this setup will kick the butt of most S370 processors.

    BTW what is the speed of the S370 processor?

    I'm sure most motherboards supporting Tulatin processors would be able to use 512MB (check before buying)
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> TUV4X </A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> P6STMT </A>
    Just to name two.

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