How to cheat on COD4 online PS3

I'm tired of getting shot and killed with single long range shots with sub machine guns. When the reply shows how I was shot the enemy is 90% of the time running around and pinpoint targets me as soon as they turn the corner. half the time I never even see them before they shoot me much less target them, How do they do these cheats? I'm about ready to join them to level the playing field.

How do they do it so I can decide if I want to do it. :fou:
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  1. Firstly, I do not believe they are cheating they are just making use of the somewhat "hit & Miss" collision detection that is part of the game. Yes single hit kills from long range are frustrating - but its the same for everyone.
  2. A big part of why people play multiplayer shooters like CoD4 on consoles rather than PC's is that playing on consoles pretty much eliminates cheating. The playing field is as level as it's gonna get.

    May I suggest practice, practice, and more practice.
  3. if you got killed by "single long range shots with sub machine guns" that normally means the person who shot you has been playing for a VERY long time, is using a keyboard + mouse, or he just got lucky.. There is no other explanation since you cannot hack the PS3 to your advantage.
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