MicroCenter prices vs. Newegg, et. al.

So I'm working on selecting parts for a new system and in doing comparison shopping on processors I've found that MicroCenter's price on the i5 3570 is notably cheaper than Newegg's and others.

I've come to automatically be suspicious of price discrepancies like that. Am I missing something, or are MicroCenter's prices legitimately that much better than the others?
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  1. Micro center price are for in store pick up only, so if there isnt one near you, you're pretty much out of luck
  2. And also since its instore only you have to add in tax and gas to get there so Ultimate it's not that much cheaper
  3. Hey,

    I just got the processor there last week. They often run a deal where if you buy the CPU you get a $40 discount with the mobo. It is defiantly the best deal out there by far. Everything else is slightly more expensive than Newegg. Alot of people just end up buying the whole system there so they are not saving much (I think this is what microcenter is hoping). However, returning stuff back to microcenter is alot easier (if you are close).

    Btw it is a good place to look at cases you want to get.

    I end up buying just the processor/mobo from microcenter and rest from newegg. My system would usually cost 1200 and I got everything for 900 (All the items are very reliable brand too).
  4. Yep they use it to draw people into the store in hopes that you wind up buying more than just the CPU so they make the discount back on other items -- Plus they tend to run out of the ones that are on sale (even if you call and verify it is there and have them put it on hold for you as the employees work on commission and will take ones set aside for a customer to sell to someone in the store if running out !!) -- So be prepared to have to make a couple trips to the store to actually get one.
  5. +1 for Spiker101_15.
    Processor & mobo get at microcenter with the bundle. You will not find a brand new cpu for the price that microcenter sells them at, especially when they do super sales on them.
    Rest of components from newegg: Newegg always has lower prices on components, but be sure to check ebay to see if you can find one cheaper, or maybe used if that helps with budget and doesn't bother you. On lucky cases microcenter will price match everything on newegg with the exception of mail in rebates.

    PS: You just missed all the sweet black november deals to get awesome deals on things, and black friday sales.
  6. Yes Microcenter is legit. They even had a sale last week for an i5-3570k for $100! IT SOLD OUT in no time
  7. seriousgamer said:
    Yes Microcenter is legit. They even had a sale last week for an i5-3570k for $100! IT SOLD OUT in no time

    And that is the main problem with them -- they advertise a sale on an item they are short stock on and it runs out within a couple minutes\hours yet they advertise it for several weeks to try and lure people into the store and sell them something else --- I'd rather they sell the CPU for a few $'s more and actually have enough stock to have it when I get to the store !! (Note : some locations are better than others but still a problem company wide) -- The only ones that actually get it for the advertised price in most cases are those that know a sales rep that will actually put one aside for them.
  8. I have never had a problem with them running out infact you can place your order online for in store pick up and in 15 minutes you get a message that the order is ready for pick up.
    Those items are taken to another part of the store that is away from the components section. When I built my system i paid $50 less for my I5 than newegg and also got $50 off my MOBO and $20 off my Windows 7 OEM and that is a good bit of savings.
    That 3 items saved $120.00. I live within 35 miles of Microcenter Comp USA and FRY's so I cherry picked from each and when I could used newegg pricing to get a better deal. I also like to see the item to ensure it is new and sealed before buying and returns are much easier in person than shipping and waiting.
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