2 6970's - both have aftermarket heat sinks - HIS 6970

For sale today is two HIS 6970

They are the exact same version as above. I don't like mixing two brands while crossfiring, and to be safe, I always get the same sub-model.

The picture above is one I took right before installing the second after market heat sink, for serious buyers I can take a recent picture of them.

The top card has this after market heat sink -

the bottom card has this heat sink

the setup runs BF3 at 60 FPS and never dips (I have Vsync on, I believe it gets 80 with it off) and this is with everything cranked.

I am planning on downgrading to a single card setup, since I play DAYZ and it doesn't support Xfiring.

I am asking $400 + shipping/pp fee's. for both cards. This is firm, as 6970's are going for $200 each WITHOUT the heat sinks.

What's included : One original box with all original accessories, and the crossfire cable. (I lost the other box). I will also ship anywhere in the world.

I know I don't have much feedback - but you can look at my eBay feedback. I have my own business and I am representing it here, I wouldn't risk my business on two videocards. So any questions you may have will be answered truthfully.

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