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Will my computer be able to run Battlefield Bad Company 2?

Hey guys,
been itching to get this game for a while. Just curious to see if my specs are good enough before I go and blow $60 on the game.
My specs are as follows:

Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 @1.83GHz
Windows Vist 32-bit
NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS w/ 265MB dedicated video memory and 1535MB total available graphics memory.

I'm not too picky to see If I could run the game in super high settings. More so in the medium range.

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  1. you have s luck to play the game with low or medium settings

    here the requirements
  2. No way man. I see that is a laptop. Laptops have really bad GPU's. Sorry dude you got low speeds on ur CPU. That game is more demanding then Crysis.
  3. Ahhh horse $hit! Is it any good on the xbox360? I'd rather buy the 360 than have to buy a whole new comp.
  4. Will it run on a core 2 duo e4300 and gts 250 plus 4gig ram
  5. Torres yea it will run decently but not high. '
    AND BUY ps3 not XBOX360 cuz it has better graphics.
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    Dont but either. By the time you buy games and all the other stuff, you might as well get a computer that does much more than just gaming.
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  8. Please can someone tell me if my laptop can run battlefield bad company 2 at low settings at a decent frame rate:
    AMD Sempron M120
    2GB RAM
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
    Windows 7

    thx in advance
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