Do you need to insert disk each time you play PC games?

hey, so just built my first pc for gaming and im a bit confused. So im planning on buying bad company 2, cod mf/mf2, crysis, etc. but my question is, do these PC games and most others require you to insert the disk each time you play the game? i just want to know cause im thinking whether to buy the retail disk or off steam.
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    Depends on the game... some retail games dont need CD's anymore, like MW2 it only uses steam... and i guess anything you buy directly from it will be the same story... anyway if you buy a retail cd and it always asks for it you can always apply a crack, but i'm not sure about the legal implications of actually owning it and then cracking it lol...
  2. From my experience I would say that most games require you to have the disk in. There are a few exploits (patches disabling the requirement) and scenarios like that (Warhead stopped requiring the disk, Doom 3 can be patched and doesnt, Crysis DOES need the disk etc....).
    Its unfair to buy a game and assume that you wont need the disk.

    I have a lot of steam games now....
  3. For the games I have on CD or DVD useually u gotta put it in 1-3 times then it memorizes that you really have a valid cd and does not ask you any more. But now many games use STEAM.
  4. Yea, it depends, not all need it in the drive. Do a google search of the game you were thinking of buying and see if it needs to be in the drive to play.
  5. If you buy games that come on a DVD disc, then yes you will need to have the disc inserted into the drive. Though rare, some games do not require you to have the disc in the drive.

    The only games that I remember which do not require the disc to be inserted are:

    X2 - The Threat once patch v1.4 has been installed.
    Galactic Civilization II since there is online registration.

    Games purchased from Steam, Direct2Drive, Impulse and a couple other do not require the disc to be inserted, because there is any disc. Those games are directly downloaded to your hard drive.
  6. games that use steam and things of sort, in general i think dont need disc (If there is one), with or without it... they just need to check if your steam account has a real serial attached to it... but this is dnoe by internet... if there isnt a connection, chances are it's probably gona ask for it then...
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