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In the Stalker Clear Sky bench,for the Radeon HD 5850: Knocking Down GTX 295 In CrossFire article Toms said they used Ultra settings. Did this include DX10.1 lighting and Sun detail on Ultra (god rays?)? It's that I've just completed a new build, with an i7 930 (2.8-2.93GHz) 1600MHz 6GB ram, and 2 Sapphire HD 5850 Toxics in Crossfire, and at 1920 X 1200 it barely gets into double didget frames per second, this is right at the beginning when you first wake up in the Clear Sky camp. Catalyst 10.2 being used. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. OK, I've tried Crysis and Far Cry 2 as well. I'm down by 10 to 20% on Tom's benches when I add the same AA levels except for Clear sky where I had to turn down Sun rays to medium and Sun to medium too, with Depth of Field turned off (I don't like the blurring effect) to get playable frame rates. I'm now using the Catalyst 10.2 hotfix from the Sapphire website. I've swapped the cards round and back again. I also tried the cards individually and didn't have to turn down Sun and Sun Rays in Clear Sky to 25-30 FPS. Is this a problem with the 10.2 Catalyst working in Crossfire?
  2. Actually it's nearer to a 40 to 50% defesit in Far Cry 2.
  3. Maybe it's the 10.1 functions, acting on the Sun detail, and Sun rays haven't been optimised at all then. When I turn them down to medium I can run 4xAA. But that doesn't explain the deficit in Far Cry 2. If you look at the Lynnfield clock comparison on the second to last page clock rate has a negligable effect in these games.
  4. Checkout the specific FPS for 1920 X 1200 and tell me they're not playabe?
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