*WTB* mITX z77 Motherboard, H100, 2x8gb 1600 RAM and 7970ghz edition

Just as the title says, I'm looking for a mITX z77 motherboard (either the ASUS or ASRock since the gigabyte has voltage control on the CPU) and a 7970ghz edition (I would prefer the sapphire Vapor-x, asus matrix or MSI lightening).

I have cash and parts that I can trade! Along with paypal I have these part:

- 16gb iPhone 4 (AT&T). It is jailbroken and will come with box, usb cord, and wall port
- Cooler Master v6 GT cpu cooler
- 320gb Hitachi HDD 7200rpm (from 2007)
- 500gb Western Digital HDD from an external hard drive (not sure on speed, but also from 2007)
- LG optical Drive
- 24 pin extension (custom sleeved with blue and white heatshrinkless paracord)
- 8 pin extension (plain black and yellow cords)
- 2x4gb 1600 G. Skill ripjaws X series RAM
- HIS mini displayport to DVI (it is an **ACTIVE** adapter, ran eyefinity perfectly)
- CrossfireX bridge
- Windows 7 Keys (**GENUINE**)
- Corsair hx750 power supply
- Gateway Desktop PC
- I also have steam games, Halo 4, MW3 (360) and some xbox 360 controllers
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  1. I can trade you a h100 & Corsair Vwengance 1866MHZ ram. PM your offer.
  2. Bump
  3. I have a Asus Maximus V Gene and a Powercolor Devil 13 7990 up for sale right now, shoot me a PM if interested.
  4. If I had the financial capabilities of buying that card I definitely would... But I just bought a 7970ghz edition and mobo so I'm no longer in the market.

    Mods could you delete this thread so I can make a new one with a different title?
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