Empire total war crashing in the middle of turns

Please can someone help-Been looking forward to the empire total war game for ages but now i have it i'm having problems. it keeps crashing in the middle of turns and i have to restart the pc and go into the game again,WHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!! :fou:
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  1. I am sad to say that i gave up on ETW. :( It crashed two or three times an hour on me and was just unplayable. Maybe pick up Nepolian one. Maybe they work out the bugs with that one and charging 10 bucks less to try to say sorry for never really fixing Empire.
  2. I will say I am a total war nut and spent many many hours playing rome TW and medieval II TW and never would have though bugs and crashes would ever be an issue till i spent my 50 bucks. I really enjoyed the sea battle to but it just crashed way to much. You get though a battle and it crash just before the end and you start all over. That really smashed the fun out of it in no time at all.
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