Ultra Unexisting PC?

Hello, im new here and i thought to share my crappy PC with everyone and ask one question.
My specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.8Ghz
Kingston 300 GB HDD (Disk C: somewhy says max is 298gb)
Realtek HD Audio Soundcard
Nvidia GeForce 8400GS
Intel Pentium III Xeon Processor. that is what should worry the military, me, and you.
I thought all pentium 3's have stopped production a few years ago, but i was wrong and i found that out only last year..
i asked a Gaming PC for my b-day last year but when i found out its pentium 3 i almost lost my brains!
I heard so many people with specs like mine (except for the pentium 3, afcourse)
running games like Assassin's Creed, GTA IV, Crysis, on the maximum settings, high res, but i cant even run gta iv properly. i run the game on medium-high, 800x600 res and average 11-15 FPS (benchmarking)
even when im in game and look on ground i get less then 20 FPS.
What should i do with this piece of thing that should be nuked except for to download alot of viruses or erase my C: drive and say it was becuz its too old xD
In a few months the computer will be 1 year old (1998-2010 + 1 = 13 years that Pentium 3's are made.)
Question - when i turn my comp on i see MSI Motherboard "V" Class sign but the Pentium 3 Xeon Processor actually belongs to Intel?
Something wierd i cant understand ;P
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  1. I think you are confusing the E7400 and Pentium III as they are both CPU's that use different sockets - so cant possibly be in the same PC

    download CPUz and it will give you the correct information about your CPu / Mobo / RAM
  2. I don't even know what you're asking
  3. LePhuronn said:
    I don't even know what you're asking

    Im speaking about when i turn on the computer, i get a splash screen with text "MSI Motherboard V Class"
    And my processor is Intel Core 2 Duo E7400, Pentium III Xeon Processor (which belongs to Intel)
    so i just confused it all up, but now i see it with CPU-Z software :D
    so here are correct specs:
    Name: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80 GHz
    Codename: Wolfdale
    Package : Socket 775 LGA

    Motherboard is from MSI,
    Chipset from Intel, and so is the Southbridge (no idea what it means xd)

    Anyway its a useful software when it comes to exact computer specs...
    But still one last question.. If i had Pentium 4, with all the same specs, so would there be any difference between P4 and P3 Xeon in gaming??
    I suspect that yes beacuse many people have same comp as mine but with P4 and they say they can play many modern games on high with no fps lag
  4. a P4 playing modern games? i dont believe it.
  5. You are seriously confused juppie, you have a c2d E7400 nothing else,,

    And the reason that you cant play gtaiv is because of the crappy 8400gs graphics card, its absolutely useless in gaming, get a better card and upgrade your ram to 4gb whilst you are at it and you will sail smoothly from there in!!
  6. Remember guys, GTA IV is a crappy console port, so even with a nice rig, it still has problems.
  7. Your processor isn't necessarily the's your 8400gs... you might as well try using integrated graphics lol...jk...but you can't max things out with a small card like that. And btw, GTA4 doesn't mean anything, unless you have an i7, you will never max it out let alone ever get decent frame rates.
  8. Well from your comments i only get that you advice me to change Video Card and the RAM.
    But shouldnt i change my Pentium 3 Xeon ??
    I mean, in modern gaming the only things that play are pentium 4's lol
    Never saw a gamer with Pentium 3, its so not allowed, its like sleeping with your mom O_O Like trying to eat soup with a fork.
  9. it is NOT a pentium 3

    Pentium 3

    what you have is a Core 2 that came out as intel's 5th generation Core 2

    it went as follows
    P I
    P II
    P III
    P IV
    CORE 2 DUO/CORE 2 QUAD(775)<this is what you got in dual core flavour at 2.8 ghz
    I7 (1366)
    I 5/ I 7 (1156)
    I 3 (1156)
  10. Umm, every computer must have a pentium, no?
    Or the c2d replaces the pentium ?
    wow im confused as hell :D
  11. its the evolutuin of technology its replaced with better and faster

    the i7 is currently the best out
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    Juppie said:
    Umm, every computer must have a pentium, no?
    Or the c2d replaces the pentium ?
    wow im confused as hell :D

    NO the pentium is an old CPU. The c3d just replaced the pentium. (its newer)
    so the pentium and c2d are both CPUs, and there can only be one in a computer. (please no one refer to those crazy server mobos lol)
  13. Juppie said:
    Umm, every computer must have a pentium, no?
    Or the c2d replaces the pentium ?
    wow im confused as hell :D

    You do not have a Pentium, you do not have a Xeon what you have is a Core 2 Duo. And no not every computer has a Pentium, fact.
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