Parting out my system - AMD 965BE, Xfire 6970 w/ heatsinks, 990FXA-UD3

Deciding to make the switch over to Intel. I've been an AMD fanboy for years, but the new FX 8350 that I was waiting for still doesn't cut it for me. I've also wanted to downgrade to a single card set up for DayZ.

Here is a picture of the rig - Everything but the second 6970 has it's original box and everything has the OEM accessories.

Here is a picture of the rig before I put the second GPU heatsink on it.

Here is thread about the 6970's - (no sense in re-typing).

I'm looking for $400 firm on the 2 cards.



If you would like to purchase the whole kit, I am asking $600 and I will eat the shipping and paypal fee's.

All prices listed unless stated otherwise is BEFORE shipping and handling. Prices are very fair, so I am pretty firm.

Please ask if you have any questions, you can email me at

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  2. You selling the mobo as well? I may buy em together.
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  9. Mobo/CPU sold.
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