Looking for a really good game.

I am a fan of the FPS genre, unfortunately most FPS games feel "cut and paste." Additionally I have grown indescribably tired of shooting Nazis, Zombies, Aliens and any combination of any two or more (Halo killed all three with the genocidal and superior Covenant (which also covered aliens) and the flood providing both standard, and alien zombies).

This is not so I sound hard to please, but this is a list of the FPS games I have played and the respective grievances. If anyone could suggest a good solid FPS I would very much appreciate it.

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault
Pro- game mechanics are simple, weapons behave as expected with only slight "that ain't right" moments of which is related to recoil.

Con- The AI reminds me of the Russian SOP. Quantity over quality. Bad guys constantly spawn behind you (and in my opinion all combatants should spawn before the match). The game mechanics are too simple, the most creative thing you can do is go prone. When I emulated the game to the 360 gamepad I actually had extra buttons. All the levels are either too linear, or a complete maze, and the physics, while a nice touch, suggest that sheet metal is lighter than paper mache, and that fallen palm trees can stop a 30-06.

Turning Point Fall of Liberty
Pro- This is the only game I have ever described as cute. The graphics are nice, with the backdrop resembling a comic book (though the characters look a little implanted because of that). The game mechanics provide melee combat and a better than MoHPA cover system. Overall a very playable game with a not quiet cartoony feel. One of the best flashlight renders I have seen.

Con- The weapons are so uninspired. My personal favorite the MP50, which is an MP40 with an MP5 fore grip. The G43 recoil is too overt. As I play through the game I keep thinking "this game is begging to be a horror survival." If you think about it your in controlled new York, it would be a great game if the allies were persistent (dead till the game ends) and your objectives were survival based and not those of a conscript, and if you must be a conscript, then add a tactical element, like actually working with a squad, not just near one. Graphics should have been unified, not comic book backdrop, with 3D cartoon characters.

Pro- Healthy online play. Mega texture system still fascinates me.

Con-Lack of variance in weapons. Vehicle controls are irritating. Total lack of anything resembling a cross com, or any possible way to do any tactical anything. Virtually no cover system. Objective system if confusing, and non fluid, as is the character upgrade system.

Combat arms
Pro- Lots and lots of guns, and a good variety of maps. Frag fest game play. FREE.

Cons- Most guns ill represented. M16 (default) way under powered. Guns are not bought but rented. Body armor has minimal impact. Frag fest game play.

Frontlines Fuel of war
Pro- A lot of potential. Weapons are different enough you notice. The drones are awesome. Best shotgun I have found in a game. Good bazooka lock-on system. Presence of tactical system. Destructible cover and buildings.

Cons- The shotgun is more accurate than the assault rifle. Tactical element underdeveloped, cannot set waypoints, or advise on the fire of tanks, or allies. Inability to select weapons before a map. AI is way too simple, not stupid, just simple. One shot and the whole map knows where you are at all times. Weapon based irritations like on the Russia level, an untrained civilian, with a strange fully automatic weapon is more accurate than a highly trained Special Forces operative. Flying vehicle controls are horrible (though the flying drones handle well), inability to set more than 4 C4 charges at once. Online maps are too big.

GRAW (both of them)
Pro- good tactical system and AI.

Con- Way too much focus on the tactical, feels like an RTS from first person. Control scheme is convoluted and hard to use. Allies are idiots. Weapons are uninspired, with a cut and paste feel.

Rainbow 6 Vegas
Pro- Excellent cover system, allies are responsive and actually do their job. Enemy Ai is generally well done, with only a few moments of total idiocy.

Con- Lets face it, the only difference between any of the guns is the render model. The tactical that is there is good, but there is room for more tactical. Inability to shoot through walls in an urban only tactical FPS.

COD:MW (both cumulative)
Pro- graphics and weapon systems, guns actually felt different. Allies are not bad. Snowmobile level.

Con- Lack of a tactical system, allies pick their own cover and position often leaving you alone. I found the Airport level disturbing, and the last part of the South Americas level annoying. An ally can die in one level, and be back in the next, "akimbo" weapon system was a bad idea.

Pro- It’s pretty

Con- Its Halo, don't deny it, Crysis is Halo.

Halo (all of them)
Pro- good story, it doesn’t fell like "I'm saving the world from aliens (again)." Most weapons are good. Vehicles, while not really responsive, are fun to drive.

Con- Assault rifle sucks (and is most often your default), got rid off the pistol scope (Bungie in generally gave into too many of the whiny players requests). Can't wield the jackal shield. Frag fest. Allies are disappointing.

Note* It’s not tactical, but it’s not supposed to be.

If anyone can think of an FPS that corrects these problems please let me know.
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  1. how is crysis halo? basically one type of alien, plus human enemies.
    you could try the half life series. it's not entirely action based. fallout 3 is open world first person. again, not entirely action based.
    edit-also borderlands, left 4 dead 1+2, just cause 2 out march 16, but it's 3rd person.
  2. Bad Company 2 is good
  3. Stout92 said:
    how is crysis halo? basically one type of alien, plus human enemies.
    you could try the half life series. it's not entirely action based. fallout 3 is open world first person. again, not entirely action based.
    edit-also borderlands, left 4 dead 1+2, just cause 2 out march 16, but it's 3rd person.

    OK, Crysis is not exactly Halo, but I notice some not-quiet-copyright-infrigement similarities. The Crysis helmit looks alot like the ODST one, the squid alien from Crysis looks like the masterminds or whatever from ODST. Cheif is a supersoldier, the Crysis guy is a super soldier with perks. The Crysis troop transport reminds me of a pelican. The games just seem so similar to me. Even the maps share some elements.

    Its more like if you put the levels you were playing as arbiter in Halo 2 on a map where you were fighting humans at the same time and substituted Arbiter (keeping his perks) for Cheif.

    To be fair though I have seen similar conceptual items in movies like Starship troopers (armors, gun layouts, etc), and the fact that all my knolege of Crysis comes from a demo, and screen shots.
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