Selling my gaming/streaming pc GTX 670 SC

It is has a Coolermaster HAF 922 case, a 750W corsair atx power supply, an asus rampage III geme motherboard, a 3.06ghz I7 overclocked to 3.3 with no problems, it has a 500GB sata hard drive, 12GB DDR3 ram, it also has a Geforce GTX 560 ti SC 1GB graphics card. It has 64 bit windows 7 home premium. And if interested there is also a EVGA Geforce GTX 670 superclocked. It has 4 gigs of ram alone and can support up to 4 displays. It was installed less than a week ago and it has done everything and more. If you want to stream as well this computer has a AverMedia Live Gamer HD card once again installed maybe 2 weeks ago and have had no problems with it. If you buy either the GTX 670 or the Avermedia card I will throw in a 3 month Xsplit liscense so you can experiment with streaming if desired.

With the GTX 560 ti with no capture card I would only want $1000
The GTX 560 ti with capture card $1125
The GTX 670 SC with no capture card $1275
The GTX 670 SC with capture card $1350

I need it gone quick and I will ship within 24 hours of payment. Need it gone and need it gone fast sadly. So money talks.
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  1. pics or it dident happen.
  2. pictures are on there. Sorry they aren't the best phone has been giving me hell emailing them.
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