System lock/complete crash HELP

Hi there my pc started to do this a couple months back and now its at the point where I cant play more than 2 minute of MW2 or other demanding games without the pc completely locking up with lines down the screen and looping sound. I have been monitoring the temps of my computer for a week now and I am confident that overheating is not the problem but on CPUID it says the 12v line is actually 11.7v could this be my problem? The PSU I have is a cheap one. I have new ram and have tried the old stuff too and there is not a difference. Also i tried the game on the lowest of low settings and the PC still locked up.


Asus P5N32-SLI premium
Creative Audigy 2 zs
Radeon HD 4850
Atrix PSU 650W
Windows 7
4GB Corsair RAM

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  1. Most likely a PSU problem... it might be providing enough power, but it could be overheating.
  2. ^+1 agreed, I think its just not enough juice on 12v rail.
  3. Nforce mobo's are known to lock from time to time, especially when RAM:FSB isn't a 1-1 ratio (EG: 1333 FSB and 667 RAM). I have the same issue with my 790i, which is preventing me from OC'ing my ($1000!) QX9650. Heck, I also have to give the NB/RAM extra voltage to make the issue go away, which strains my cooling setup more then I want...

    Could also be PSU, but the only way to know for sure is to switch out. 11.7V is a bit too low, so right now, I'm leaning the PSU way. If a PSU swap doesn't solve the issue, its probably the nforce freeze.
  4. well its happening so regularly when i play games ive got cod on lowest settings and it still locks up completely. today it locked up once and gave me 1 long beep then 3 fast ones. graphics? :S
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