Bioshock 2 forcing widescreen on 4:3 TV

I just got bioshock 2 for xbox 360 but its forcing widescreen and I have a normal TV. Is there anyway to fix this, the bars on the top and bottom are pissing me off, its bassically destroying the immersiveness of the game. Should I just bring it back and get the PC version?
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  1. What is your TV? The option to "stretch" the picture to fit the entire frame should be available as an option on its menus. Check the manual.
  2. I don;t know the exact model, its a sony though. I checked the menu and didn't see anything, I'll check the manual. I have it hooked up to the upstairs widescreen but I can;t get live and I'm limited when I can use it.

    I'll try a few more things, might swap it for the pc version if all else fails.
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