How to use i7 920 8 threads in a game?

Eh, this is a noob question, o well i play this game with super low graphics (maplestory).
Theres something called spam hack which lags my maplestory but not my PC
I was wondering if theres a program to make maplestory work with all the threads at 100% or something similar?
I have i7 920 @ 3.82 Ghz, if you'll ever heard about maplestory u should know that an i7 920 @ 3.82 shouldnt lag at all.
Thanks and sry for my english/noob question
PS: I tried core tuner but it didnt work
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    Software, especially games, will only use as many cores/threads as they are programmed to use.

    So, there's no way of making something use all 8 threads unless it's programmed to.
  2. Yeah, all those mutli cores and threads are wasted for games. However, for encoding x.264H video, now that's different...
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  4. ty
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