Best speakers for gaming/blue ray

hi guys,

looking for a good speaker system to accompany my x-fi sound blaster..
any ideas?

looking for gaming, and dvd/blueray playback..
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  1. I've long ago given up on speakers, because sooner or later someone will come around and ask you to lower the volume. Unless you totally own your gaming space, I would suggest getting a good pair of earphones instead.
  2. this is true.. headphones are an option I guess..I have my pc/entertainment system in my basement...Id like to get some surround sound with some decent speakers..

    is my sound card any good?
  3. Ive got the old gigaworks 750 7.1 speaker system for movies, I game with headphones though, proper full over ear headphones, FAR better for giving a game "atmosphere". I find being sealed in to game sound only FAR more immersive than any socially acceptable volume level from a big speaker setup. Not sure I would use them for movies though, I dont get "into" movies in the same way.
  4. I got the logitech Z5500 if you really want a home cinema system.
  5. yea same here, I have the Logitech Z-5500 5.1 surround, it doesnt get any better when it comes to crisp sound and deep bass =)
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