Some computer parts, Nexus 7, Mophie case, ipad smart cover, etc

Howdy, folks.

I am listing some items for sale today as it is rapidly approaching Xmas and the wife wants some cash to spend!

Everything will ship USPS first class and shipping is included in the prices to anywhere in the lower 48. I will not ship internationally as it cost too much and is too much of a hassle. All prices are in USD and verified Paypal will be the accepted method of payment. I will ship to the verified Paypal address only. Please PM for any questions, comments or to buy something. Thanks and shop away!

Ebay feedback: Link
I live on Buena Vista, CO and will happily chat via text or phone with anyone before they make a purchase.

Non computer stuff:

Asus/Google Nexus 7 (16gb)

Basically brand new condition. I have played with it for all of about 6 hours total since purchasing it in late Oct. I also ordered a portenzo alano case for it. It is made out of real leather and wood, and is a very upscale bookstyle case for the Nexus. The case has built in magnets that work like the Ipad's smartcover and it turns the Nexus off and on when you open and close the case. I paid 115 dollars for the case to be hand made, and I can sell it together or separately.

Asking price:

Total package including the Portenzo case- 235.00 shipped.
Nexus 7 without the case- 185.00 shipped
Portenzo Alano case without tablet- 75.00 shipped.

Mophie Juice Pack Air (Black)

Purchased this a week before the Iphone5 came out and the wife decided she had to have one. Sadly, this battery pack is not compatible with the 5, only the 4 and 4s. My loss is your gain. Basically brand new and it doubles the battery life of the Iphone. Paid 90 bucks for it just a month back.

Asking price:

35.00 shipped.

Ipad leather smart cover and belkin snap back shell

The leather smartcover was purchased new from apple for 70 bucks and covered my Ipad 3 for a few months. Has a few water stains etc, but still looks very nice as it is the cow leather edition. Snap cover is a back plate for the ipad to protect it from scratches, etc.

Asking price for both:

30.00 shipped.

Computer parts:

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 3.5 HHD. (new in box)

Asking price:

80.00 shipped.

Intel I7-870 processor.

Never OC'd and used by my wife only for her web surfing and youtubing. No HS or Fan, just the chip.

Asking price:

100.00 shipped.

Cool Master V8 cooling fan.

Used on my rig for about a week before I decided the tower was too big and I went with a smaller setup.

Asking price:

30.00 shipped.

Please PM with any questions, comments or purchase request. I will update this thread as things sell. Thanks a bunch!
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  1. I can do $20 shipped on the V8, let me know, if not good luck.
  2. Processor and V8 sold!
  3. WD 1TB price dropped to 70 shipped.
  4. Nexus sold!

    Make me an offer on the rest, folks! I am ready to deal.
  5. HookemAZ said:
    Nexus sold!

    Make me an offer on the rest, folks! I am ready to deal.

    Do you still have the nexus and cover?
  6. Oops, sorry. I guess I didn't read!
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