Troubles with GTA4

Well I usually hate to say this to myself, but I'm absolutely stumped on this one.

A friend of mine is having some issues playing GTA4 on the PC I spec'd for him (I recommended the parts to him, he purchased them and put them together). He's a pretty knowledgable guy like me, so I don't think there was any issues with hardware installation.

He is able to play all games on his system just fine except for one: GTA4.

The game will randomly lock up his system after maybe 5 minutes. The computer will not respond, and has to be manually restarted. This is the best info I can give you, other than the list of complete system specifications:

AMD Phenom II X4 945 (95w C2 revision) Overclocked to 3.3GHz on stock voltage
Foxconn A7DA-S 3.0 AM3 (790GX) Motherboard
Dual Radeon HD 5850 GPUs, HIS reference models (Driver version is 10.2 with CCC installed)
Two Crucial 4GB Kits (2x2GB) for 8GB total system memory
Two Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 HDDs (Not running RAID, one acts as storage, GTA4 is installed on this drive)
IDE DVD burner (brand unknown to me)
750w SIGMA modular PSU
Case model is unknown to me, but it offers more than enough cooling. Heat is not an issue (He lives in Alaska, ha ha).
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

This is all the information I can give sadly. Any ideas towards a solution would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  2. Have you updated to the latest patch?
  3. Also try playing without Crossfire to see if you can eliminate the issue.
  4. Also, try running without the overclock in place for a while to see if that makes any difference. I had GTA crash on me a few times when my system was stable according to IntelBurnTest & Prime95 - increasing the CPU voltage one notch eventually resolved the crashing issue completely.
  5. He tried running the game with CF disabled, and even a single Radeon 5850.

    Also tried running with stock CPU clock.

    No go.
  6. I just read about the overclock and i agree. Try running everything on stock. Also chech that all the buses are running at their specified speeds (PCIe=100MHz, PCI=33.3MHz) and if you have any Turbo settings in the BIOS reduce them to Normal values.
  7. Yea me and jrhar didn't adjust clocks on anything except CPU in BIOS. I will set to default. Re-downloading game through Steam at 1.2MBps. Will update when its done and after playing for a bit.
  8. It could also be the game in the end you know... nothing wrong with your computer. We can't factor this one out...
  9. Hmm, i also noticed that you overclocked on stock voltage. You may need to increase your Vcore just a bit. Have you ran Prime95 for half an hour or so?
  10. Found the fix completely by accident, While messing with old cards hoping a dead 4850 could serve as hybrid crossfire for an old 4870. Didn't work of-course but I hot-swapped the cards back to the 5850 without messing with the drivers from the experiment and have been graciously painting my card with pedestrian blood for some hour now. Hopefully it's fixed. Not sure.
  11. lol, cool! A card not sitting in properly then?
  12. No it was in fine. It's my opinion that it was either a driver @$*! up or a bad installation of GTA...

    Couldn't have been seated improper otherwise other games would be giving me trouble. Was just this one.
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    But you said you did not change the drivers. Probably a bad installation of GTA then?
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  15. re install gta4 and paste the appropriate crack/patch
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