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You'e seen thi pics, read the article, aad you've asked if it can be run? The sequel will answer some of these age old questions and will probably give us another benchmark treat urging fans, and modders to re-build and re-asses their current systems.

On the console side, they are stuck with crap for the next few years thus making Crysis mearly a game to play and beat.....
what are your thoughts on Crysis 2?
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  1. Bring it on!!!
  2. Crytech engine 3 should be used in more modern games....
  3. I dont think it will be that taxing on the system like the previous versions unless you want to go all out in dx 11
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    There are no trees ( jungle ) so less polys to render. That along with being in a city scape there are ways to block view from other parts of the map so they are not drawn keeping the frame rates up. Like the man said, "bring it on".
  5. More like our systems yelling "bring it on"!!!!!
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