[SOLD] ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/i5-2550k/ Sniper 8GB For Sale

hey now,
i just can't start another project at this time.

ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z motherboard [SOLD]
Intel i5-2550k processor [SOLD]
G Skill 2x 4GB Sniper 1600 RAM [SOLD]
i can use paypal for payments
48-States shipping only

PM me with questions

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  1. all PMs answered
    sorry i cannot hold any items. first with a paypal payment gets item(s)

    PM for any more questions

  2. This is an excellent deal. Good luck with your sale!
  3. thanks!
    just can't find that right case. wanted the FD Arc Mini, but to pricey for me. to pouring
    all into my Midi. again thanks!

  4. The Midi is quite a nice case :)
    I have a Storm Scout if you're interested, depending on where you're located.
  5. all PMs are replied to.

    yeah, i do appreciate the offers, but 60% off retail ain't gunna happen.

    this is all operational and in excellent condition (with retail packaging if needed)
    i am not in dire need to sell, just if another enthusiast needs some hardware, i might
    be able to help.

  6. all PMs are replied.

    remember the i5-2550k does not have an onboard GPU, you must have a slotted
    graphics installed to POST.

    the i5-2550k is PENDING

  7. thank you forum members.

  8. May I ask how much the Gene-Z went for?
  9. i sold the package $425 shipped to south dakota.
    might put it around $150 with a 200 CPU and $50 RAM? 25 to ship
    hope this helps.. you still trying to sell yours?

  10. Yeah man, surprised no one is interested in it.
    Glad to know you sold yours though.
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