Is it worth paying an extra 100$ for an elite rather than a xbox pro?

I am either going to buy an xbox 360, xbox elite, or a ps3. Here is the scenarios. I could buy an xbox pro and get 3 games, live, and 2 controllers. I could buy an elite and only get 1 game, 1 controller, and live. Also I could get ps3 and get 1 game, 2 controllers(because live is free). I basically want to exclude ps3 from that list, so that leaves me with xbox pro or xbox elite. The only advantage I see in the elite over the pro is more memory, and it doesn't overheat. The advantages I see in the pro are: 100$ less to buy, I could get 3 games instead of 1. The games I wanted to get are going to be listed in number or where 1=most wanted 3=least wanted.

1.) Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2
2.) Left for Dead 2
3.) 40th day
** Also I'd like to know which games are better for which console, based on the following: graphics, likliness, most enjoyable, and how long they would last. **
So, like I said, I don't really see any advantages in the elite over the pro, but I am still not sure, I'd like to have other people's opinions.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Pro is a much better deal. Pro includes an hd cable something elite doesn't (which is just stupid).

    Also the hard drive is more than enough space. Save your money get some extra games.

    As for the games being better on consoles. I don't own a ps3 but think they would probably look a little better on that.Think xbox would have a larger community to play with/against. (not sure tbh)
  2. I'd get the Pro. I have had one and have never felt the need to download a bunch of stuff, especially because everything you can download is overpriced on Xbox Live, and DLC for games doesn't take up too much space. The Pro comes with a controller, so I would just buy 1 extra one instead of 2 more. There aren't many times you'll want to have 3. The overheating thing isn't true, they're both made the same, the only difference being the Hard Drive. I didn't even know about the lack of HD cables in the Elite like the above user mentioned, that makes the Pro even more attractive.

    For games, the 1st two on your list have good replay value and would be worth a purchase, but Army of Two would probably be better to rent. Read some reviews to help with your decision.
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