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ok well ive had this same problem b4 and i fixed it by changing something in the firewall settings.
well the problem is i play this online game and it becomes really laggy cus i think something about the firewall is making it slow and laggy. I fixed it b4 but i forgot wat the settings were. And i think i tried one of the things i did but didnt really work so ya anything would be helpful ty..
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  1. you should disable windows firewall. go into control panel and type in firewall in the search bar and open the settings and disable it. also make sure that when you're playing this game that nothing's going on in the background. do a speedtest from and make sure that your ping is at least below 80. If it's not then you need to shut something that's running in the background like a download or a firewall or a messenger application,etc.
  2. Add the program as an exception to your antivirus too
  3. any luck?
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