Can't find any servers for ANY games

So, I just made a new computer and put my old hard drive in it. After struggling with Windows for a few hours, I managed to get everything to work(except for the DVD drive, but that's not the point.)

However, as I try to play multi-player games, such as TF2 or Urban Terror, I cannot find any servers listed. I've tried finding servers via Xfire as well, to no avail.

In Xfire, it tells me that servers have indeed been queried, but none have responded nor connected. For instance, trying to find servers in TF2:

[0] Servers Passed Filter
(0 Server Responses / 7705 Servers Queried)

Same with Urban Terror. Curiously, after a few tries(as I'm typing this, actually), I got a server found... In france. But only one. Can anyone help me out with this problem?
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  1. Gonna sound stupid, but I assume you have normal internet working?

    Check your software firewall settings

    Check your router firewall settings, my router blocks almost anything!
  2. If you can find specific servers on line via their own web site you can get their ip address and manually type it in..... at least you can with some games. Many online servers are having problems right now. Ubisoft recently stated that their servers were hacked....... and gamespy is having bigger problems too. Seems to be a bigger problem that I've seen written about............ be a good story for "TOM's" to pick up on.
  3. Yup, normal internet works just fine. All firewalls disabled(as far as I know).

    It's probably not a server problem, seeing as I can do everything just fine on my brother's computer.
  4. updated to latest versions of game? you might be filtering all servers not running your version, the fact that it has queried 7thousand odd servers tells me its talking to something.
  5. Yup. UrT hasn't had an update for a while, and TF2 is completely up to date as well.
  6. dogwithrabiez said:
    Yup. UrT hasn't had an update for a while, and TF2 is completely up to date as well.

    Hi i have the same Problem here,.. i Cant find ANY servers in Cod4, Cod5 and Cod6... normal internet is working well, and if i want join a game by xfire it tells me Connecting Timeout, Have u maybe saved your Problem?? I really need Help noone Knows it and cant help me,.. but i could play COD since about 2 or 3 years suddenly dont work anymore...
  7. Simple, it was an update at that time fixing some of the lag on the servers, lol late answear
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