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Hi, I'm having some problems sharing the internet connection on a 2 comupter LAN with a crossover cable. The computer with the internect connection is running Windows XP with SP2 newly installed. The other one has Win2000.

I set the XP machine IP address as the required and set the connection to be shared across the network.

On the 2000 machine I put the IP address to automatically be retreived.

The computers are also on the same workgroup.

These settings cause the computers to be unable to communicate with each other, they can't be pinged by IP address or host name.

However, when I assign the 2000 computer with a static IP address, they can communicate with each other, but the 2000 computer can't get on to the internet.

The first setting used to work before I installed SP2, could this be the problem? Can anyone help me please??
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  1. Get a cheap router, problem solved.

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  2. Well, putting aside whether you've got a smart setup, I believe your problem is being caused because both systems have the same network IP: . That's the default address assigned by ICS to the 'gateway' system to the Internet. If you manually set the other system to the same IP, then you're definitely going to have problems. Set up ICS on the gateway machine and let it create a sharing disk, then use it to set up the other machine.

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