Can i run Resident evil 4

Can i run resident evil 4 without graphics card...
My specs-
2gb ram
intel core 2 duo e7300 @ 2.7 ghz
inbuit intel g31/g33 256 mb graphics
plz help me
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  1. Im going to take a stab here and say no, Ive seen too many horror stories on many game forums where people buy a game, and it ctd's on startup and it turns out they have on board video. Then cry that the best buy sales rep they got their pc from said it would play games.

    I dont have really, any experience toying around with onboard video so im hardly an expert on what newer on board video is capable of. Rule of thumb? If your video set up isnt listed on the game manufactures minimum requirements, the answer is probably no.
  2. I can't remember if there's a demo for RE4. Hunt around and see if there is. If so, download that and see if it works. If it runs fine, then you should be good to go with the full game.
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