Looking for a help.. :)

Hi everyone,

I'm from Europe and I was wondering, if you could help me. I build PCs from used parts for friends and colleagues and I found out that in US are these parts much cheaper than in EU. Even with the duty and shipping. So, here is my question. Could you recommend me some forum or better someone, who sells used computer parts? I have no problem with buying these staff in bulk. Perfect would be someone, who sells them regularly. Don't you know about anyone/anything?

Thanks a lot for any help!


PS: I hope that with this question, I don't break any forum rule, but I have no idea where else should I ask...
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  1. You could have put this is a WTB thread, with a list of things you are looking for. That would help a lot.
  2. You need to be very careful about this as many computer parts ( both hardware and software) that are capable of strong encryption are classified as munitions for the purpose of exportation. ( Yes, that means if someone sends you a copy of Windows Business suite or an automatically encrypting hard drive without getting the proper licenses you could both be arrested as arms dealers. ) I would not go through a friend met on line. Go through a reputable business with experience in technology exporting.
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