Recomended requirements too high

Hi , 2010 pc gaming is so horrible the games are good but the recomended requirements are way too high.

But the games which ask for quad core works perfectly in c2d maxed out.............So are the recomended requirements of games wrong.Or they just increased the recomended requirements for selling processors.....

REPLY :cry:
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  1. don't know am playing everything on a 2 year old setup AM2+ 5200 with a GTX 260+
    , no problems
  2. Likewise, my setup is almost 5 years old now (C2D E6600, 4gb ram) originally had a 7950GT card, swapped it out for a 4670 for £45, (flashpoint was a little jittery) and it still plays everything ive thrown at it. (and never had a crash, ever.)

    People mocked me when i spent £1200 on a build, but you could have easily gone through 2 cheaper computers in the same time.
  3. Recommended settings basically are for the assumption you run with everything maxed. Hence, they are typically right on target.
  4. Some games simply have high requirements because they were overly ambitious on graphics (Crysis) or poorly ported from a console (GTA 4).
  5. BC2 will give a quad core a work out
  6. Yea, BC2 is a game that really means business with its requirements. Of course its general unstability has alot to do with it.
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