Last week I bought wolfenstein 5. Awesome game, but I'm still asking why I have to put the DVD each time I want to play.

Is There any possibility to avoid that process? I don't want to deteriorate the dvd too early.

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  1. There is but the first person to mention it here may face a .
  2. ...consider it as you want... but the game is original. That's why I'm asking.
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    I'm not saying it isn't but what you are asking about is a way of circumnavigating the copyright controls that are in place on the original disc. And that is illegal and as such is a violation of the rules of this forum.
  4. You can always Google what you're after Alex.
  5. Ahh... OK, everything is clear now. Understood.

    Thanks for the explanation, mousemonkey! And, I'll be considering that ryan...

    "Muchas gracias!"
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