Really old me?

I played this game on my uncle's computer when I was very young so it was late 80s- early 90s...

I don't remember much, just images and its hard to put into words but you played as a girl (a princess maybe??) I remember one part you found something under a bridge like a glass ball or something. And I think you come across an ogre at one point.. and maybe some dwarves

Guess it was an adventure game. and you used the arrow keys to move around

Please help! If you can tell me the name of this game that would be sooo awesome!! Thanks!
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  1. Probably not it but I remember playing an old game called jill of the jungle when I was young. Twas great fun.

    Going to see if it is available to download it legally from somewhere seeing as how old it is, might not be much help but you jarred my memory.
  2. Collie147 said:
    This is a smart @r$e reply but

    But it does seem to find it and the game is still available for download if Kings quest IV is correct - ( LINKIE )
  3. I would guess that KQ IV is correct, based on the OP's info.
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