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i just bought the toshiba satellite 3000-353. i am doing a test burn (12+ hours now). The screen went blank but the power is on. I can't even turn it off (even plug off the power adapter) when the power button is pressed or reboot anymore. did something gets fried during the test?
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  1. the problem i discovered was a failure to resume hiberation mode. i removed the battery to reboot and it asked if i wanted to resume the unsuccessful attempt. answering yes resulted in the same problem, answering no successfully rebooted the computer. wonder what caused it in the first place?

    overall, this is a good laptop mainly because of the geforce2go graphic chip and it's light weight at 5.7lbs for a laptop with a lot of features. the only thing bad about this laptop is that it has the pongo mouse stick, something you really hate, love or can grow to like.
  2. Hey!

    I bought a Satellite 2805-s402 machine with the same graphics adapter (Nvidia GeForce2 Go). I started having problems with the computer locking up completely whenever I played mp3 files (winamp or media player) and scrolled through web pages (internet explorer). After the hang the only thing I could do was to power down the computer manually.

    Have you tried this scenario on your machine? If so, does it crash too? The graphics acceleration has to be cranked to the maximum for this to happen.

    Let me know how your machine behaves.


  3. hmmm.. i don't have any problem browsing the web while listening to mp3 (winamp). my lock-up problems occured when i try to wake up from hiberation mode and when i shutdown win ME. i'm planning on getting it exchange since i just got it.

    just wondering, what do u think of the screen display? for some reason i think the display is not as crisp as i think it should be but maybe because i'm so use to CRT monitor.
  4. I think theres a patch for this on Microsofts website. its the shut down patch. hang on I'll find it for ya.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it

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  5. Had a gander round ms site - see they can be useful for something - try the link below - hope that helps.

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    If it ain't broke don't fix it

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  6. I bought a Satellite 3000-S353 in August. I would advise reformatting your machine and installing Win2000. I had similar problems with the pre-loaded WinMe installation. After installing the latest BIOS from the Toshiba site, installing Win2000, and using the latest Win2000 drivers from Toshiba's site, my machine hasn't crashed or hung once.
  7. This very well could be a problem with microsft, as the windows 98/ME systems are nototious for giving issues during hybernation.

    I would recommend getting windows 200, or windows XP next month wen it is released. They have made great strides towards stability in both of these operating systes. 98/ME is junk as I have learned the hard way. You ma find that there is no problem with your computer at all, but instead it is the operating system.
  8. Thank You
    Ihave had nothing but trouble with my new 1 month old Toshiba 3000 Satellite.After Reading Posts in this forum I too will getting rid of WINDOWS ME.
    Thanks Again.Thornfire
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