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I Recently picked Up A used G5, And All I Got Was The Tower. No keyboard, Mouse, etc... It Also Has no OS on It... All I Have is A Windows Keyboard, And Holding "C" To boot From CD Does not work. Is There Any Way to Get This Thing To boot Without The Apple keyboard?
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  1. It shouldn't make any difference whether it's an Apple keyboard or a Windows one. What CD are you trying to boot from - did it come with the computer?
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    if theres no os on the system usually the machine does not need user input to get the install osx disc booting, if its a g5 you need the powerpc based install disc of tiger or standard version of leopard, snow lep and above are intel only and will not work, if all that fails then it could be your optical drive is faulty.
  3. After Trying A Few Different Things, I Pulled The HDD, And Put It into my pc. Using Mac Drive i Was Able To Find out That There Was An OS on The Drive, And It Was Corrupt... Got the Drive Formatted, And Now Everything is Running Fine.
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