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so i just downloaded cod4 off steam and i want to play multiplayer, but there is one problem. i cant seem to find the Key-code you need for multiplayer. On BFBC2, the code is shown when you rightclick the game on the steam menu and click on "view game cd key" but this option isnt shown when i right click Cod4. Is it hidden somewhere or something? Any body else have to same problem?
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  1. Have you tried to even play multiplayer yet to see if it would ask you for one? If not, go ahead do so.
  2. I'm not picking on you persey, just in general gamers need to boycott all game downloads and force stores to carry PC titles on the shelf, we also need to boycott games that limit installations so PC games can be resold. By the same token though, a game should be register to an OS with the ability of the owner to unregister it prior to sale to hinder piracy.

    Just my $0.02
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