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Hey, I got oblivion for the PC and the weapon damages are all different from the wiki.



Like my Dwarven Longsword does 10 damage appose to the 16 that is listed and my Iron and steel arrows do 2 damage appose to the 8 and 9 listed. Is this a bug or something? :heink:


It's not shown in the pic but I have a Dwarven Bow that also does 2 damage appose to the 12 listed.
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  1. Hi, yes the damage listed on the site is the maximum damage you can do with that weapon I suppose. You need to level up your skills and stats (strength, agility, marksman, blades).
  2. The page you linked to has the formula for how the base damage is modified by your characters attributes.
  3. I agree it's to do with your attributes, but you can also find some weapons that are higher than others. When you upgrade your attributes, or level up, it'll be worth one more to the max of what's listed, but you'll find a few that will be better quality than others. See if you can find another dwarven longsword, sometimes if you find a weapon like that when you're low in attributes, and then level up it doesnt level up with you, you need to find a new one.
  4. I leveled up a lot but it didn't change, I guess I do have to get a new sword. Maybe.
  5. I got a new sword and it doesn't seem to be changing anything :/
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