Games won't run in DX10


I have been experiencing a problem with my pc that my games will crash when I run them in DX10 mode (Includes HAWX, Assasins Creed, BFBC2, Bioshock 2 etc). Almost regardless of what game I play the result is always the same - it'll either crash on startup or crash right in the beginning of the game.

My Specs are - Win 7 64bit, Asus 250GTS 512MB TOP edition, 2x2gb Dominator DDR 1066 RAM, Phenom II 965 Black Edition.

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  1. what drivers? What PSU?
  2. Hi again, I know my reply is seriously late but after reading your reply you made me think about changing my Graphics card driver to an older version as an experiment and that seemed to work! So thanks! (Changed from 196.21 --> 195.**)
  3. You're welcome!
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