resetting BIOS/CMOS to factory levels?

Hi gang,

Incredibly dumb of me, but I've managed to completely lock myself out of my machine. I was playing with the power management/fan settings in the BIOS last night, and activated the "if fan gets too hot then shutdown cpu" (default setting is "throttle").

Bye bye home server!

Everytime I start up the machine, it doesn't even make it to the POST simply beeps once, then shuts down.

I tried removing the battery from the motherboard, but that didn't seem to make any difference..

Is there another way to reset the BIOS/CMOS back to factory settings? Perhaps a jumper switch or something??

I've got an AMD cpu running on an Award motherboard.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me!! :)
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  1. should be a jumper to clear cmos, rtfm. if not for some dumb reason taking the battery out for a few min, some even 15 min should do it. and if that dont work there should be a key combination that will allow you to bypass the protection. cs game server -
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  2. Thanks Jihiggs....

    I FINALLY was able to track down a diagram for this motherboard (ASUS A7V133). Funny how I couldn't use Asus's support interface, I had to google in from the outside to the document.

    Anyways, turns out there are bloody SOLDER points that I have to short out in order to erase the CMOS.

    So far I can't do it.

    Asus's instructions:
    1. unplug power cord
    2. short out solder points
    3. plugin in cpu
    4. hold down delete

    Now I don't have 4 hands to do this, so I first taped down the delete key, unplugged the power cord then held a screwdriver across the solder points and plugged the cord back in.

    The machine won't even START with something held across the solder points, so I'm not too sure how the hell this actually accomplishes anything at all!!!!

    Has anyone been bitten by this?? How did you get around it?
  3. Whoa sounds like you got a problem when I was dumb and messed up my motherboard (changed the FSB) I just moved one of the jumpers and turned on the computer. But you can try taking out the battery for a long period. (1-24h).
    Anyway I hope you can get it fixed.

    Edit: Allso I did not do this but one guy suggested that the motherboard shuld be unpluged from the PSU while the battery is out...

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  4. i think you have it confused. generaly you unplug the psu, short the appropriate pins (solder points in your case?) and then power the computer back on, not while holding the points. ive never heard of having to hold the delete key but its possible. you probly have to do that while its booting, after youve hit the power button. i highly doubt all these things have to be done at the same time. give me the link to what your reading. cs game server -
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  5. These steps are to be done sequentially, not simultaneously.

    The final step (delete key) prolly takes you into BIOS so you can set them as you please.

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