hi can i run battlefied 2 modern combat on a geforce 9600 gt and core 2 duo e43001.8 and can you play if singleplayer.
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  1. MAYBE on low settings, and even then I expect you'll get some chop. I've seen some people with more powerful dual cores playing with decent framerates on med/high settings (but low resolution), tho.
  2. i am playing brothers in arms hells highway on max and assasin creed on max so why cant i play battlefield.and can you play battlefield 2 modern combat singleplayer
  3. I'm not sure what game you mean? Do you mean Battlefield 2 of Battlefield Bad company 2? No such thing as Battlefield 2 Modern Combat.
  4. yes i was playing on a 6600GT easily enough at very reasonable settings.
  5. battlefield 2 not bad company and does it have a singleplayer campaign
  6. single player version with 'bots but no campaign, still widely played online though
  7. torres said:
    battlefield 2 not bad company and does it have a singleplayer campaign

    yes you can run it on medium-high settings, depending on your resolution that is. It does not have campaign at all.
  8. yes you can absolutely run it, depending on your resolution though i'd say medium-high settings. It has no singleplayer campaign or multiplayer campaign at all. It has bots for you to play Skirmish/Battles.
  9. i am playing 1024x720
  10. is it a good game or should i buy bad company 2 and will it run
  11. Bad company 2 is much much better, but i dont think your computer would run it well.
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