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hi guys,

looking to grab some upcoming titles for the pc..

just casue 2, metro 2033 (is it? ), and assasins creed 2... now with just cause and acassins creed, do i need to play the first one to play the second? does the story require that? like mass effect 1 and 2, not that it must be that way, but if the story line actually does from from the 1st to the second...

oh and
Stalker Call of Pripyat...
looks like a pretty cool game, does that play better if you played the first one?

I just got a new video card, the 5970 and want to see it in action..so far, with bad company 2, its NICE..just wish the drivers would be released to fix that dam flickering when I attempt to overclock!

thanks for any feedback
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  1. Um concerning Assassins Creed, the first ones story was so great that i think you should play it to get a good idea on how the second one will work, I dont think you will get the most satisfication out of the second one if you dont know how the 1st went down.
  2. thanks for the compliment on the card! I just a second..hope that kicks some major a**
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