Have a brand new AMD visiontek radeon hd 6850 video card

I have a AMD visiontek radeon hd 6850 video card for sale, less than 6 months old, if someone needs one. It is legit barely used. I want to get rid of it because I bought two of the same one and did not realize it(don't ask). I paid $200 dollars for it. If you look it up on Amazon, its going for $180 used. I am letting it go for $165. It is already packaged and ready to be shipped. Please contact me if anyone is interested. Thank you!
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  1. Why in god's name would you pay $200 for that card? And if you bought two on accident, why not return the other immediately instead of waiting 6 months?

    You can get a 6850 brand new for $130, and even that much is a stretch for the performance:

    You can get a more powerful 650 Ti for the same price, plus a free copy of Assassin's Creed 3:

    Not trying to bust your chops or anything, but I think your expectations are WAY off.
  2. I am going by what I have learned by taking it to a professional and having him look at it, and also the prices of what I have done in research by Amazon. I know what I paid for it, and what people are paying for used, so I am being honest here I am no means trying to get more than what its worth, you yourself or anyone can look it up on Amazon and see for yourself.
    But hey....I really dont care right now, I personally, am sick of looking at it. So best offer anyone?
  3. I'm not interested in the card myself, just offering a bit of a reality check. It seems your research was not very thorough, it took me less than 30 seconds to find a 6850 selling for less money brand new, and another 30 to find a better card for the same price. Just because amazon has used cards listed for $180 doesn't mean they're actually selling for that much.

    Honestly it sounds like you got ripped off yourself if you paid $200 for these cards.
  4. ckholt83 said:

    Honestly it sounds like you got ripped off yourself if you paid $200 for these cards.

    +1 -- Also why state "BRAND NEW" in the Title and then go on to say "less than 6 months old, if someone needs one. It is legit barely used." -- Which is it Brand new or 6 months used or actually 2 years used ?? ( that model card was released in October 2010 so no way of knowing if your being honest since you'd contradict yourself in the first sentence !)

    If used then you might want to adjust the pricing seeing you can get a refurbished 6850 for $110 from newegg so asking $165 is a bit over priced. (At least a refurb has been looked at by a professional company to ensure it is working correctly - and Newegg will be around to replace it if it doesn't)
  5. Yeah ^ agreed with both of them, I wouldn't pay more than $80ish for a 6850 used. You can get a 7850 for just a little bit more than you are asking.
  6. Okay, maybe you guys are beating up on him too much but you compared a Powercolour HD 6850 to the Visiontek one.

    This here is the Visiontek card:

    Normal price is 184.99

    Regardless of that, I agree with you that the price he is selling it for it quite high...and not brand new.
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