This is my specs! Can my system run it?

Hi Guys,

I'm Currently running a Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz
Asus 8800 GT TOP
22" Viewsonic
4 GB Corsair
Sound Blaster Fidality

I bought the game I ran it and in the game it would appear cone shape black spot would not allow me to see forward.
What would have caused that? is my video card not strong enough support it?
Please help thanks!
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  1. What game?
  2. make sure that you have installed the graphics card drivers, Microsoft .net framework and Microsoft Visual C++
  3. alexj022 said:
    What game?

    Its Battlefield Bad Company 2
  4. 1) this game is very unstable right now

    2) You need a very modern computer to properly run this game. Yours is good, but this game eats nice rigs like candy hehe

    3) make sure all of your drivers are updated
  5. The minimum GPU is a 7800GT so you should be able to run it fine on the lower settings.
  6. OH, duh, forgot to ask, what OS are you using?
  7. 8800 gt can still run anything. What drivers are you using? I would recommend forceware 196.34 beta. Otherwise you should be fine on that game. Might just be a bug you will have to wait to be fixed. And not sure which os you are running, but windows 7 is pretty great so if you can afford to get it, go for it. Good Luck!
  8. I'm running on window XP since windows 7 since theres alot of drivers don't support it!
  9. Thanks guys!
  10. Quote:
    I'm running on window XP since windows 7 since theres alot of drivers don't support it!

    You must be thinking of Vista. From what I have heard, pretty much anything you can plug into windows 7 and it will support it effortlessly. For example, One of my friend had a sound card that, since vista was released, was totally unsupported, not even recognized at all. He tryed it when he first got windows 7, it was immediately detected and installed. Also I read this year that some manufactures are going to fade out support for xp even though microsoft is officially supporting it until 2014.
  11. Yea, no driver problems in 7.
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