Gigabyte 8IG1000 integrated graphics

my motherboard is a gigabyte 8IG1000 which uses the 865G chipset, this intel chipset can allocate video mem worth 64 mb as written on intels website, however when i go into the bios menu i can choose only till 32 mb, (i have 512 mb of apacer 333 mhz ram in dual mode)

sis sandra says i have 60 mb of graphics memory (30 video and 30 agp)
intel ext graphics properties > info says min graphics mem = 31 mb, max = 64, in use = 34

i have a 2.4ghz celeron, is it the case that u can go upto 64 mb with only a p4? sounds dumb.

so can anyone help? i emailed gigabyte support, but its been uite some time and they dont have a good reputation for support

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  1. This is a BAD combination for anything above word processing. You have less cache memory on the CPU to work with hence the difference is dedicated display memory. I wouldn't even mess with it. Get a decent video card and free up your CPU! It is crippled enough as it is.
  2. muhahah i know its a bad combination if i had had more money i would have gotten a good combination (current setup cost only 250$), better processor as well as a separate agp card would have costed too much and you either get gigabyte or intel where i live and gigabyte is easier to overclock and i dont play games much so i dont need an agp thing

    anyway what i need to know is how to allocate 64 mb for video mem using the current setup,
  3. With that settup I believe you have the following:
    1. Up to 32MB DEDICATED memory, that is, memory taken away from the system and reserved for video
    2. Up to 32MB SHARED memory, which varies depending on application. You can set a maximum, or it will use as much as it needs.

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  4. Nothing wrong with Gigabyte. I have a spare PC with a Gig Dual-bios board and a PIII-500 for emergencies. My nephew bought a PC with integrated Biostar video, and it seems to me that the allocated memory was subtracted from the installed memory on the boot screen. I added 512mb for him which brought it to 768. The boot screen only showed 736mb, though I know the board could borrow up to 64mb for video display. I guess it considers the other 32mb as borrow when needed. This board had an onboard Ge-force 2 chip. Wasn't bad, but he bought a 9700Pro within 60 days.

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