Wirless 360 pad with windows

hi i have been given an old dead xbox 360 with a wirless pad and i was wondering if it is possible to use this pad with the pc, is this pad different to the usb windows version? any help would be apreciated :)
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    you need to get the official ms wireless gaming receiver for pc. it was a $20 product but now appears hard to find so price has been inflated. i have one and use it for racing, sports and platform games. it works perfectly in need for speed, overlod, dirt, grid, trine, tiger woods.
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  3. Uh, I tried that setup, and my KDR got so low i had to switch to keyboard. I thought since i OWN at 360 (Cod 4), i would be good on the PC playing against ppl using mouse. I was wrong...
  4. the pad is mainly for racing and platform, fps=good ol mouse and keyboard, id be amazed if i was beaten by a pad user
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