Edwin Romance Won't Start

I have the Edwin Romance installed and started a new game. The match check reads 1, so there should be no problem. Edwin was in my party before, during and after I killed Maevar, and the global variable was already at 1. I've no idea why the romance didn't start-up. He has the Netherscroll now, but still nothing.

Unfortunately, that romance never keyed off. Can I copy the stats from the Anomen Romance and rename them for Edwin to key that off??


Heather Ceana
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  1. Sorry. I totally went CA for a few. I had not killed Maevar yet. I wanted to do Korgan's quest first and get Jahira's curse broken. The romance did indeed key-off once my brain switched back on and I realized my mistake. The dialog choices are pretty cool, but then I don't mind a bit of reading. ;-)
  2. It would have probably been a good idea to mention that you are playing BG 2.
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