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can anyone recommend a good speaker setup for gaming and dvd/blue ray watching?
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  1. do you want a 7.1/5.1 system, 2.1 system, or a two speaker setup?
  2. get a home theater system it has more uses then a just a speaker system
  3. warning newb do you connect a home theater system to a pc through the tiny output?
  4. With a 6 chan connection.
    Most soundcards now a days have 6 inputs.
  5. I personally find that gaming and movie watching want two different setups.

    I find for gaming over ear headphones offer FAR better immersion than surround sound speakers, but for sitting back watching a movie I like my 7.1 gigaworks S750 setup.

    I personally DONT find the 7.1 surround sound anywhere near as immersive for gaming as a pair of good headphones.

    If I had to buy today for 5.1 I would choose the Logitech Z-5500, mainly because I would love to finally find a use for those spdif ports :D.

    My current speaker system has been discontinued I believe, after many years on the market, I think it needed it, the sound might be great, it might be decent quality kit, but the lack of connectivity options were becoming a bit of a killer on it... Many times Ive ran into barriers wanting to hook up different kit to it. Quality 7.1 systems can be hard to find which is a shame given that bluray is only just starting to become popular.

    For DVD only use 5.1 is all you need, for some blu-ray titles 7.1 is nice. Theoretically for gaming 7.1 is better than 5.1, but I find a good pair of stereo headphones offer a far better gaming experience.
  6. i run a 3.5 mm jack from my pc into my systems auxiliary rca input with a 3.5 mm to 2 rca cable, running a 6.2 system
  7. It all depends on how much you want to spend. Personally I think the Logitech Z-5500 is as good as it gets, but there are a few other choices that might suit you better.
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