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hi i am playing assasins creed and brother is arms hellshigh way on high settings will be able to play COD modern warefare 2 on a resolution of 1024x720 on good frame rates
CPU:core 2 duo e4300 3.0ghz
Ram:4 gigs
GPU:geforce 8400 gs 512mb
OS:windows xp
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  1. because a got a weak graphics card and i looks good when the settings turn up plus i got a small monitor.are u sure it will because a do not want to buy the game and it laggs all the time.i have played COD4 on my pc Maxed out
  2. Resolution is a bit weird indeed. My HIS Radeon 4850 (1GB DDR3, 256-bit) runs the game smoothly on 2AA, 1680 resolution. Maybe you could invest the money in a new GPU instead ;)
  3. atleast get a 9800GT or 4850 they are perfect for gaming or if you can go for the 5770
    which is more energy efficient
  4. Will those run on my motherboard and psu
    BIOSTAR P4M900-M7 SE
    VANTEC ION 600 watt
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