WTB: Ivy compatible 1155 motherboard - Preferably Z77/Z68

I have to RMA my P8Z77-V Pro, I need a board to use for a few weeks. Will pay cash or I have a brand new in box PNY GTX560ti OC that I get on Christmas Day. I will upload pictures when I get it.
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  1. i gotz a giggy Z68X-UD4-B3 that'll go ivey and PCI-e 3.0 with BIOS flash.

    PM if interested

  2. I got a P8Z68 Deluxe I am looking to sell. $110 shipped.

    Probably more than your looking to spend on a temporary board but figured I would offer.
  3. Are either of these flashed already? I don't have a Sandy chip to flash with.
  4. i can do the BIOS flash before payment. i can chuck into the open bench
    with a sandy core and do a flash BIOS to F10 for Support Intel 3rd generation
    22nm E1 stepping CPU (Ivy bridge)

    i can trade for the 560ti GPU we each handle our own shipping.

  5. I sold the 560ti already. I got a couple of deals and trades in the works, let me see where I'm at this weekend money and parts wise and I'll let you know.

    If you're interested I might want to trade one of my back-up rig's components for just that board.
  6. very good.. we can do more business.
    lemme know so i can flash the BIOS to F10

  7. whats you gotz in your backup rig? i can trade..

  8. I actually just sold the entire build to someone.

    Disaster struck when I sold my 7970 to someone in Illinois and USPS destroyed it in delivery. No longer works. I had it insured so hopefully they make good on the insurance claim. I'll let you know if I want to buy that board. I'm a little dumb struck right now by recent happenings. If this 7970 comes out of my pocket I am gonna be really upset. I packed the hell out of it like I always do, IDK how this could even happen...
  9. i got my 77-GD65 back from RMA yesterday.. so no worries.
    just lemme know when.

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