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Hey guys,

All the sudden could not connect around 1030 PST or so Saturday night and still can't at 230 Sunday. I though the servers were to be repaired by now. Was playing all day up to 1030 or there abouts and it was going great...then no dice after that. I love the game just could not resist that pun. Anyone else not able to connect. It logs in really slow but the server browser will take longer then just say lost connection.

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  1. Um, i remember hearing about maintenance. So that could be it. and please dont make a new thread everytime their servers go down. there is still ALOT of work to be done with the game and their servers so dont be surprised everytime you cant connect.
  2. Just trying to get a little real time info because according to EA maintenance was suppose to be over now. They said they were taking the servers down midnight on the 12 and 13 and now its the 14. According to EA they can support 150000 player now and I never had problems till they just got done saying everything is perfect on their blog. So anyone else actually have any real time data of connection problems?
  3. Probably updating stuff on their end to deal with the connections problems some people are having...
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