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I have a half decent HTPC (Half decent in terms of HTPC and not PC's in general) but lacks in high powered graphics etc. as I try to keep it quiet.

I've seen a few times the OnLive service that they will be offering soon, and although I will be unable to use it as broadband is pitiful in Australia, I wanted to know if there is some way of doing something similar at home.

Basically my gaming rig sits in the other room and if I feel the need to wanna kick back and play a game on the couch on my HTPC, is there any kind of application that I can run on my gaming rig to stream to my HTPC and allow my HTPC to stream keyboard/gamepad etc. back to my gaming rig?

Before anyone suggests just running a DVI cable between the rooms it is too far to run a DVI cable, however I do have CAT6 cable running between them and a gigabit switch so bandwidth and connection is not an issue.
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    Web service for game streaming

    I would have suggested some form of RDC like VNC or the likes as you have a fast Gigabit connection, but I know of no Server client that will poll fast enough for refresh to give you a playable framerate even if you do have the bandwidth.

    There are compression systems that could help with ths is just an example, have not used them but its an idea.

    Also how far is the Pc away, DVI cables can go up to 15m for good quality ones

    A good site really, have a look around there, very interesting!

    If this helps please select best answer!
  2. The only problem with SMG is it is a pay-to-use service. If possible I want to have a service that is not reliant on any external company and service and relies soley on my network. Just 1 less problem down the track if said company goes out of business etc.

    As for distance it would be about 23m including distance up and down the wall.

    I thought there would be some kind of application like Fraps that could stream over the network instead of just save to disk.
  3. why not just buy a DVI repeater?
    seems like the easiest solution to your problem...
  4. and wireless Keyboard & mouse...geeze this site still sucks, still cant edit posts
  5. Mainly because that would require about $150 of cables + a repeater and then me having to get up in the roof again and run cables down the wall. I was hoping for a nearly free alternative that wouldn't require recabling.
  6. 23m, that is some distance, big house you have ther, sorry ace there are no other working ways I know of to game on your PC 23m away over the network and get the FPS you need.
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