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Hello, here are my stats first of all: Here are the specs for my pc:

Intel® Core™ i5-430M processor
1066MHz bus, 3MB L2 cache and 2.26GHz processor speed.

500GB Serial ATA hard drive (7200 rpm)

4GB DDR3 Mem

Nvidia Geforce GTS 360M 1GB GDDR5 mem. 3D audio with EAX advanced CPU performance to suit gaming needs.

HDMI output for flexible connectivity options.

Windows 7 64bit

Asus G60Jx Republic of Gamers pc

I have my Windows up to date, I have my Java up to date. I have my DirectX 11 up to date. Got my nvidia updated just in case. I just got this pc the other day (march 12th). Running Trend Micro anti virus, windows firewall.

Downloaded and bought Fallout 3 from Windows live gaming (or whatever it's called). I do run the client, I have booted up from said client, have booted up the game from desktop shortcut and have booted up (i mean 'ran the game') from programs; bethesda:fallout 3 app. Still freezes after 15 min.

I have:
gone to windowed mode.
am only playing with official xbox pc controller.
have turned my graphics that come up on the fallout 3 options thing to low on EVERYTHING - still freezes in about 10 to 15 min. I notice when I task mgr, the kilobytes are at 340,000 to 540,000. dunno if that's the issue.

I can't do that xp/vista compatible run in because there is no option TO do so: also running home premium, I'd have to spend 90 bucks to upgrade to pro to then ''downgrade'' by getting the xp/vista virtual os to see if that works...

what else have I done.
got a cooler fan under my lappy. still freezes. and NOTHING is going on; i was in megaton talking to a lady, turned away and froze. It freezes if i look at a wall, anything.

WHAT is going on????? I patched the 1.7 or whatever it is... any other ideas? I'm really turned off by pc gaming cuz of this. I really am. This is my first ever gaming laptop - been a console gamer since intelevision and coleco vision and ataris all came out. sigh.
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  1. its because you were a console gamer for so long. Now that the pc has you it wants revenge.
  2. check your cpu\gpu temps
  3. have you tried the new drivers from NVidia? Just came out today or yesterday ro something. Your GPU is a VERY new model....... (or rebrand as some would say)
  4. I have the SAME problem :\ and no answers... also... Ive been searching for drivers and cant find any. Do you think G51 drivers work fpr this laptop?
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